Why is SVIA scar revision better?

At SVIA in Sacramento, California, we offer the most advanced techniques for scar revision. Our board-certified and aesthetic fellowship-trained founders, Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu are highly trained plastic surgeons with a breadth of experience with successful scar revisions. They are well known for delivering outstanding, personal care to each patient. They also understand everyone’s needs are different. When you visit SVIA, we will evaluate your scar and discuss the techniques that will deliver the best results.

What are the benefits of scar revision?

  • Improve or reduce the appearance of scars
  • Removes redundant scar tissue
  • Improves the color and texture of scars
  • Enhance physical appearance
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Restore mobility and function related to a previous injury
  • Treats hypertrophic, keloid, and contracture scarring

Is scar revision right for me?

A good candidate for scar revision is anyone who has raised or depressed scars, scars caused by trauma, or contour irregularities. Drs. Jerome Liu or Tom Liu will consider each scar on its own when determining whether someone is a suitable candidate for scar revision. The depth, thickness, color, size, and appearance of the scar are crucial factors to establish the best route for improvement. Thousands of people have successfully completed SVIA scar revision to restore mobility that severe burns may have hindered, or to improve appearance, especially in the case of facial scarring. 

What can I do to be ready for scar revision?

The first step with any scar revision procedure is to meet with one of our experienced physicians. At that time, we will take into consideration the location and the extent of the scarring. Together, we will discuss your goals and expectations, and develop a plan. Recovery times may differ depending on the location of the scar. 

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Scar Revision FAQs

Will there be any risks with my scar revision?

What is the scar revision healing process like?

What is recovery like?

Will there be any risks with my scar revision?

Scar revision is typically safe, but it is important to follow your pre-and post-procedure instructions to ensure an optimal outcome.

What is the scar revision healing process like?

A scar located on the face might take less time to heal than a scar located on the leg. Our experienced team of professionals at SVIA will take time to discuss your options, address any questions you may have, and review the steps you should take to ensure a quick recovery.

What is recovery like?

Recovery times will vary depending on the depth and extent of the scar, and the technique employed in scar revision. Topical agents, dermal fillers, laser and light therapies, and steroid injections involve little to no downtime. Some scars require more, and a minor surgical procedure. You can expect some discomfort, swelling, and other mild side effects for one to two weeks after your procedure. Gradual improvements in the quality and color of the scarred skin will appear over the course of your recovery.

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