How are RHA fillers different?

Developed in Switzerland, the RHA Collection uses a form of synthetic hyaluronic acid that most-closely resembles naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your skin. The RHA Collection is a groundbreaking advancement in aesthetic technology, and only available at select aesthetic practices. These fillers come with an added advantage – most fillers last for six to twelve months, but RHA Collection injectables can last up to eighteen months.

Is the RHA Collection right for me?

If you already use fillers, or if you would like to experience fillers for the first time, our team at SVIA will work with you to determine which of the three RHA Collection treatments may be right for you:

  • RHA2: the simplest formula that is perfect for moderate folds and wrinkles
  • RHA3: a slightly thicker formula, good for more-severe folds and wrinkles
  • RHA4: the strongest formula, for the deepest folds and wrinkles

Unlike other fillers, which could leave you feeling your results look less-than-natural, RHA Collection is unique in that it produces extremely natural-looking results, as the technology allows the filler to adapt to your unique facial movements.

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Where can the RHA Collection be used?

Each filler in the RHA Collection can be used to target specific areas of the face. RHA2 is injected to augment the lips and smooth away the lines around the mouth. RHA3 could be the ideal way to treat nasolabial folds – those deeply-etched laugh lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth. RHA4 can also be used for nasolabial folds. As the thickest formula in the collection, this injectable can enhance cheek volume for a subtle lifting effect.

What is the cost of RHA?

The skin on your face is constantly moving, whether you are laughing, crying, concentrating, or frowning, the thousands of movements you make every day will eventually affect the skin surface, with wrinkles and folds appearing, etched into your skin over time.

The cost of RHA injections will reflect the quantity of the filler needed in your case. One advantage is that the RHA family of injectables lasts longer than most fillers, requiring retreatment less often.

At SVIA in Sacramento, our team of skin rejuvenation experts are passionate about giving you a truly unique and personalized experience, customized to meet your personal needs and aesthetic goals. If you are considering filler injections, you deserve to achieve the beautiful results achieved with the RHA Collection – our patients love the natural results this innovative filler produces. When in the hands of our experts, you can expect a change that never looks fake – just a more youthful, refreshed you.

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