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A variety of issues, including a deviated septum, prior trauma (nasal or facial fractures), and weakened cartilage can impact a person’s ability to breath easily, increase nasal congestion, and cause sleep-disruptive snoring. At Liu Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons use rhinoplasty to provide permanent relief from these serious medical conditions. For patients who have experienced these symptoms, rhinoplasty may be able to restore the function of the nose and the airways while simultaneously repairing any cosmetic damage the nose has suffered. In addition to correcting breathing issues, Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu use rhinoplasty to reinforce existing cartilage and improve structural stability as well as increase airflow for patients with oversized mucus linings or a deviated septum.


Treatment to resolve breathing problems begins with a nasal exam. This exam is used to determine if an anatomic obstruction is impacting airflow and if rhinoplasty can be used to correct the issue. Although cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered by health insurance providers, reconstructive rhinoplasty may be a covered benefit for patients suffering from breathing problems. Since Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu consider the important aesthetic role of the nose when performing any rhinoplasty surgery, many patients are able to address any cosmetic concerns during the same operation. Since the cosmetic portion is not covered by insurance, there may be additional fees. Employing an open rhinoplasty technique, our plastic surgeons can repair functionality and address cosmetic concerns while preserving the nose’s natural cartilage. After a single small incision is made directly beneath the nose, all other incisions can be hidden within the nose.

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