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CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary method of targeted fat removal capable of smoothing bulges and pockets of stubborn fat without surgery, anesthesia, needles, or downtime. While this cutting-edge treatment offers as much as 20 to 25 percent of fat reduction in a given area, your results are generally only as good as the skill of your CoolSculpting® provider. At Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics (SVIA), our plastic surgeons are not only board-certified and fellowship-trained — they are also included among a small number of physicians in the country who are CoolSculpting® Preferred Partners. This means Dr. Tom Liu and Dr. Jerome Liu have access to the most up-to-date CoolSculpting® applicators and technology, such as DualSculpting® and CoolAdvantage™, and can offer exclusive package pricing meant to help you achieve your aesthetic goals at more economical costs compared to other providers. 

Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me?

CoolSculpting® can be an excellent body sculpting treatment for individuals who want to slim and smooth the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, hips, flanks, back, and submental region (neck), among other areas that commonly accumulate excess fat. Cryolipolysis™ — the controlled-cooling technology behind CoolSculpting® — can also improve well-known “problem” areas, such as a “double chin,” “bra roll,” “muffin top,” or “love handles.”

For patients considering CoolSculpting®, treatment may be an option if you:

Dr. Tom Liu and Dr. Jerome Liu — along with our medical team who is trained at CoolSculpting® University — would be happy to evaluate your areas of concern and help you determine whether CoolSculpting® is the most advantageous body contouring treatment to achieve your goals. If you’re seeking more immediate results than CoolSculpting® can provide, targeted fat removal with liposuction may be a better technique to attain your expected results. With liposuction, the outcome can be noticeable soon after surgery and a larger volume of fat removal may be possible. 

How is CoolSculpting® Treatment Performed?

CoolSculpting® treatment takes place in-office at Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics. Here at our plastic surgeon-led medical spa, your certified CoolSculpting® provider will first place a gel pad between the treatment site and the cooling panels of the handheld applicator. This allows the cooling plates to effectively reach the subcutaneous fat layer without ever making physical contact with your skin. You will feel a tugging sensation as the applicator draws in the isolated fat, followed by numbness as the cold temperature reaches the underlying fat cells. For the rest of the CoolSculpting® session (approximately one hour depending on your treatment plan), patients often watch movies, answer emails, spend time online, or simply relax. At the end of the session, the treated area(s) are massaged to help further break down the fat cells. 

SVIA also offers state-of-the-art DualSculpting® technology, which can double the amount of treated fat in the same treatment time! If you have more than one area you’d like to improve, DualSculpting® can address two regions simultaneously so you can achieve your aesthetic goals faster and more efficiently than ever. SVIA is among the only practices in the Bay Area to offer DualSculpting®

What Can I Expect After My CoolSculpting® Procedure?

Temporary swelling, redness, tenderness, numbness, and possible bruising are common reactions after CoolSculpting®. These effects will subside with time and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. There is typically no downtime required after CoolSculpting®. As the destroyed fat cells are flushed out by natural body processes, you should be able to see improvement as soon as one month after your treatment. The full outcome should be visible two to four months after your CoolSculpting® procedure, with multiple treatment sessions often able to produce a more dramatic result. By maintaining a stable weight and a healthy, active lifestyle, CoolSculpting® results can last indefinitely. 

CoolSculpting® is on the forefront of non-surgical cosmetic treatments capable of helping patients attain a smoother, flatter, and firmer look in the face or body. Please contact SVIA today to schedule a consultation at our Sacramento office or to speak with a friendly member of our team.